Who we are

Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) International is an independent international human rights organisation which was founded in Germany in 1968.

We interfere when ethnic or religious minorities or indigenous peoples are oppressed and human rights are violated. We campaign for the survival and cultural existence of threatened peoples –  independent from any political or religious affiliation.


We inform

We inform the public, the media and politicians about the situation of threatened peoples and minorities. Our reports, documentations and press releases call the attention of authorities and decision-makers. We provide specialist advice, expert testimonies and legal advice to lawyers and in courts.

We politicise

We help to ensure that international organisations and institutions, states and non-state-actors assume their responsibility for the protection of minorities, indigenous peoples and human rights.

We campaign

We campaign for the survival and the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples and for individual members of these groups suffering persecution. Standing alongside the victims we protest against human rights violations and call for justice, international solidarity and help.

We cooperate           

We are in close contact with organisations and representatives of threatened peoples who are often marginalized and excluded from decision-making. This close cooperation is the key to achieve lasting solutions in order to secure a future worth living – for everyone.  Worldwide.

We give a voice to
  • Victims of Genocide
  • Ethnic and religious minorities which are  discriminated,  oppressed, threatened by  extinction
  • Those who risk their lives fighting  for threatened peoples and minority rights
  • Indigenous Peoples suffering the deadly consequences of globalisation and climate change




STP/GfbV-International has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and participatory status with the Council of Europe.